According to this article in Psychology Today, volunteering not only provides much-needed services to important organizations, but it can also add depth to your relationships and years to your life. And, for many volunteers, it can lead to a long-lasting relationship with the organizations they serve.

We had the chance to ask two of our volunteers-turned-staff-members, Tanner Johnson and Shelby Potter, about their BGCS experiences, and why they pursued positions with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Siouxland after their volunteer experience had concluded.

What made you want to join the BGCS staff?

Tanner: After volunteering for a couple of weeks, I enjoyed seeing the kids and having them know my name. I felt like I was making a positive influence on them, and I wanted to continue that.

Shelby: I volunteered here for a class and loved my experience. I decided to apply so I could keep coming back.

What is your favorite part of the job?

Tanner: Playing games with the kids!

Shelby: I love teaching the kids new skills and being able to make a difference in a member’s life.

What is the hardest part of the job?

Tanner: I run the basketball league, and sometimes things can get heated on the court. It’s hard to teach proper communication when I don’t always see the kids consistently, but it’s an important part of growing up and being a part of a team.

Shelby: The hardest part of my job is not being able to help everyone all the time. There are more kids than staff, which means I can’t always be there for everyone the moment they need me.

What lessons have you learned since working at BGCS?

Tanner: That every kid reacts differently to everything, no matter if they are all experiencing the same situation.

Shelby: Every day the kids teach me something new. I’ve learned to always expect the unexpected because when working with kids you never know what you’ll encounter in the day!

Now that you’ve found a great organization to support, what’s next on your bucket list?

Tanner: Travel the world. Shake hands with the President. Go sky-diving.

Shelby: Travel in Europe. Go white water rafting. Graduate grad school.

There are many ways to volunteer with Boys & Girls Clubs of Siouxland. Come help students with homework, monitor the games room, coach a sports team, work on a special project, or provide one on one mentor time with a Club member. Learn more.

And apply here!

Recent News from the Club

Thank you, Morningside and Briar Cliff!

Speaking of awesome volunteers, we’d like to extend a big THANK YOU to Morningside College and Briar Cliff University for sending so many great students to help us run our programs, support our Club members, and keep our organization running full steam. We’re nearly speechless – but there’s always words for gratitude. We are so thankful for you!

BGCS Easter Egg Hunt

Our Easter Egg Hunt last Friday was an egg-citing event for all of our Club members. The kids got cracking by scouring the building in waves according to age group, and by the end of the day, their pockets were filled with the candy and prizes. What a great way to kick off spring!

Easter Bunny Lego Contest

When we first pitched the idea of an Easter Bunny Lego contest to the kids, they hopped right to it. Every participant worked diligently to create 3-D bunnies and Easter themed structures out of Legos. Using only donated blocks and their imaginations, they built some pretty impressive creations – check out the picture of the winners below!

Have Legos to donate? Help us build the dream!

17 easter lego contest

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