Inspire the Gift of Giving in Your Kids!

‘Tis the season, and the Boys Club of Sioux City wants to help your family celebrate the value of giving back. Use these handy Gift-of-Giving tips and ideas to inspire your kids and your family to make a difference in their community.

Gift-of-Giving Tips:

  • Talk about giving and receiving. Talk to your kids about the causes your family supports and why. Share stories about times when your family has received help. Include kids in discussions about new causes to support and let them help choose. Or give each child a portion of what you plan to donate and allow him or her to choose a charity.
  • Read books about giving. Try “The Mitten Tree” by Candace Christiansen and “I Can Make a Difference” by Julie and Amanda Sexson. Find more books about giving on Learning to Give’s list of resources.
  • Have fun volunteering together. Volunteer with an organization or for a cause that interests your kids. Check with your child’s school, a local Boys & Girls Club or online for groups or projects that need your help.
  • Add up for change. Create a family charity jar and place it in a high-traffic area in your home.   Drop change in and as the jar fills, decide with your children where to contribute the contents.
  • Donate clothes. Encourage your kids to select clothes or toys to donate. Talk with them about where their belongings will go. Take your children with you when you drop the items off.
  • Add a charitable element to holiday parties. Ask party guests to bring a small gift to donate. Let them know ahead of time the charity that will receive their gifts.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate all kinds of giving. Whether your child volunteers, donates allowance, helps a friend or neighbor, or is simply kind to a sibling, praise the effort or celebrate your child’s giving with a reward or a matching gift.

See how many activities you and your family can check off during the season! Maybe even hang these Gift-of-Giving tips on the refrigerator as a reminder.

Share your ideas for holiday giving with other parents through Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter using #GreatFutures. Boys & Girls Clubs of America will repost some of the best ideas!

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