August is the transition month between summer and the start of a new school year. We’re always sad to see August come because we’re done with summer fun and learning, but we’re also so proud to discover how much our members have grown, thrived, and learned throughout the whole summer. August means back to school, but we still managed to squeeze A LOT of events and field trips into a short time. Check in and check out all the fun opportunities our members had this month.

Annual Steak Dinner

Don’t forget about our 41st Annual Boys & Girls Clubs of Siouxland Western Steak Dinner. This event helps inspire and enable all boys and girls, especially those who need it the most, reach their full potential as responsible, caring, and productive citizens. There’s still time to buy tickets here:

And if you would like more information, check out our website.

Staff vs. Kids Quiz Bowl

We had a staff vs. kids quiz bowl competition on July 20th. We had trivia games in each age group, Brain Gain time, and the final competition. The staff won the final competition.

Washington Pavilion and Kirby Science Center

On Friday, July 21st, we went on a trip to the Washington Pavilion and Kirby Science Center in Sioux Falls. The kids had a great time going through the hands-on science museum, participating in a live science demo, learning about art, and experiencing an Imax movie.

Shark Week

Shark Week was July 23th through July 29th this year. To celebrate, we brought in the Sierra Club to teach our members why it is important to reduce, reuse, recycle, clean up our environment, and be careful what chemicals we use because they all end up in the water eventually. The kids then did an experiment about water quality and made posters to support the cause.

We also learned about oceans, the importance of sharks in the ocean ecosystem, why we shouldn’t vilify them, and the basics of shark anatomy. Professor Chad Leugers from Morningside College’s biology department led us in a dissection with in-depth professional instruction/direction during the dissection. Our shark was pregnant so the kids also got to see how sharks develop.  It was fascinating, really interesting and fun.  Special thanks to Prof Leugers!

To conclude Shark Week, club members went on a trip to the Omaha Zoo on the 28th to see live sharks at the aquarium.

Sierra Club

The Sierra Club came again to present their program about pollinators during the week of July 31-Aug 4.  They taught the kids what pollinators are, why they are essential to our food supply, and how we can help them survive.

Sole Survivor

The week of July 31-Aug 4 we had different challenges and activities for kids to earn icons. All those with enough icons on Friday competed in the sole survivor challenge and went through an obstacle course to be crowned the ‘Sole Survivor’.  Everyone was having so much fun going through the course and encouraging each other that it was decided all who finished the course won.  Each winner received pool passes for their family courtesy of the CSADV.  Then all Club members who wanted to participate had the chance to play water games – water balloons, water shooters, sponge relays, and create slime to take home.  It was a crazy, wet, wild fun day at the Club!

Eclipse Explanations

Aug 10th, Dr. Todd Young, Director of the Fred G. Dale Planetarium at Wayne State, treated Club members to a presentation on the eclipse. He explained what an eclipse is, what happens during an eclipse, and some of the experiments scientists will do during the event.  All participants received special eclipse viewing glasses.  Huge thank you to Judith Conneally and Dr. Todd Young for arranging this special event just for our Club members!

Jedi Way

The last week of summer Jedi Padawan once again learned the ‘Jedi Way’, doing force (science) experiments, testing their skills and coordination and finally making light sabers.

Last Week of Summer Celebration

Friday, August 11th was our end of summer celebration.  Everyone went to Riverside Park for challenges, games, and fun in the playground.  We had a pizza party and then went swimming all afternoon.  It was a great way to end the summer.

Month Awards

July Staff of the Month: Nick D.

July Teen Citizen of the Month: Brian S.

July 7-12 Year-Old Citizen of the Month: Alex T.

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